Pitmen painters

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Lee Hall (playwright)

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Unseen Pitmen Painters' art goes on display in Ashington

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She also requires both the flute and piano. The Pitmen Painters is a play by Lee Hall based on the Ashington Group of painters. Following a sellout run at both the Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne in and its transfer to the Royal National Theatre, it returned to the National for a limited season before heading out on a UK Tour.

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Northern Broadsides Theatre Company is a multi-award winning touring theatre company. Best known for Shakespeare in the northern voice. An arresting and hilarious salute to the power of individual expression and the collective spirit, The Pitmen Painters is a deeply moving and timely look at art, class and politics.

Meet the Artists. Learn more about the cast and. Jan 01,  · Pitmen Painters has 20 ratings and 3 reviews. Hilary said: Excellent study of a fascinating phenomenon. The Ashington Group of painters, from a Northumbe /5.


in The North East

What a brilliant place to visit, an old mining site packed full of social history and a fantastic exhibition of ex miners paintings Had a fantastic day in a well set out museum building followed by lunch in the cafe and further exhibitions within the out buildings.

The Ashington Group was a small society of artists from Ashington, Northumberland, which met regularly between and Despite being composed largely of miners with no formal artistic training, the Group and its work became celebrated in the British art world of the s and s.

Pitmen painters
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