Moduation techniques

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Modulation Types & Techniques

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Modulation Types & Techniques

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What is Multicarrier Modulation

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Digital Modulation Techniques

The modulated data is converted into parallel stream for faster and optimum utilization of the bandwidth. Time domain representation of the data is created by using an Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) which is an. digital modulation techniques are available and can also be designed depending upon the type of signal and the application [17].

Thus a better digital modulation technique is to be thought over by the designer which has an ability of exploiting the available transmitted power and the. is an online forum for multiple choice questions. This forum would be really-really helpful for those candidates who are preparing for examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (like Civil Services Examination, Engineering Services Examination, Special Class Railway Apprentice, National Defence Academy, Combined Defence Services, etc.), Staff Selection Commission.

Comparative evaluation of digital modulation techniques : executive summary.

Pulse Modulation Techniques In this post, I will discuss different kinds of pulse modulation techniques. Before starting the topic, it is important to understand the basic difference between Continuous Wave Modulation and Pulse Modulation.

The 3 basic modulation techniques are as follows: AM (amplitude modulation) FM (frequency modulation) PM (phase modulation) All 3 modulation techniques employ a carrier signal.

A carrier signal is a single frequency that is used to carry the intelligence (data). For digital, the intelligence is either a 1 or 0. Multicarrier modulation, MCM is a technique for transmitting data by sending the data over multiple carriers which are normally close spaced.

Multicarrier modulation has several advantages including resilience to interference, resilience to narrow band fading and multipath effects.

Moduation techniques
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