Mfi in kerala

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Why microfinance is an ugly word in India's villages

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Kerala floods bring back DeMo memories for microfinance companies

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Livelihoods hit as tourism bears the brunt of Kerala floods

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The MFI reported a Rs crore net profit in the third quarter of FY 13 as against a loss of Rs crore during the same period in FY 12 on the back of higher advances and provisioning.

MFI. MFI refers to Micro Finance Institution. MFI Can be registered as Fresh with a timeline of days or you can Apply with an NBFC-ND For Conversion to MFI. 2hrs Hartal supporters force people to stay indoor in Malappuram, Kerala 2hrs Aikya Vedi hartal declared at 4 am catches public unaware 2hrs Pune police likely to arrest Varavara Rao today.

Career Opportunities At YES BANK, we foster a leadership mindset that embraces meritocracy as a vital force to reward performance and exceptional competency.

Kerala is the ultimate away-from-it-all destination and, with its pristine waves and quiet beauty, the south Indian coastline is attracting soul-searching surfers, too, says Susan Greenwood. Role of Self Help Groups on coastal indebtedness in marine fisheries sector – a case study from Kerala, south India Article (PDF Available) in Indian Journal of Fisheries 1(61) · May

Mfi in kerala
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