A discussion on sports injuries

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Concussions in American football

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The Football season is right around the corner for the Greyhounds! The start of the school year is always exciting and the home schedule will feature two defending state champions visiting Carmel Stadium.

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Sports Hip

"In Defense of Football."Written by a military historian, it acknowledges that brain damage is a problem, but lauds the sport.

Jan 22,  · Acute cervical spine injury has been associated with sports such as football, gymnastics, rugby, ice hockey, and diving. Athletes with cervical disc injury may present with neck pain, radicular pain, quadriparesis, or quadriplegia secondary to.

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Injury to the pelvis occurs in approximately % percent of what is termed blunt trauma: falls, motor vehicle crashes (cars and motorcycles), bicycle wrecks, and pedestrians being struck by moving vehicles.

A discussion on sports injuries
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